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3 Ways To Empower Your Daughter/Son

Posted: February 12, 2018

Em·pow·er·ment: noun: authority or power given to someone to do something. 


The word itself sounds wonderful, its rich, its inspiring, it makes us WANT TO DO SOMETHING.  With just a simple word we are already beginning to take control of our current state of mind, and launch ourselves into our future success.  Today we are listing 3 ways to empower your child.  I have applied these methods in my mentoring to HUGE success, and I think parents will find the information extremely valuable as well.  The most important part of any of these strategies is to TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY.  The longer we allow our ideas to sit on the vine, the less likely we are to act on them.  You can do it! 


Accountability and Responsibility

Soak your childs mind in the concept that whether they succeed or they fail it is because of them.  While, I am not saying there are not other influences in our successes or failures, ulitmately we only have control over ourselves.  If your child understands that they are responsible for their own success, what confidence would they have?  It is hard in a position of leadership to look at a student or child and tell them that they did not succeed, trust me on this one, however there is magic in what comes next.  "You did not succeed today, but you have the opportunity to try again".  We have the ability to make it right, and improve ourselves before taking on the challenge again.  


You Are Not Your Final Version Of Yourself

This is one that blows me away.  At some point in adulthood people just decide to stop.  To stop willfully growing, learning, and improving.  Adults often nestle into the blanket of mediocracy.  Worse than that is when a child is allowed to do this.  Whether this is from a lack of encouragement, motivation, or sense of responsibility (see above) a child will sometimes just stop growing.   If nothing else we are a culture of action around here so lets talk about the solution not the problem.  There are 3 areas of "education" I feel like a person should contantly be receiving nourishment in that will keep them on a path to empowerment.  Mental, Physcial, and Spirit (Think Joy).  Each person has their own goals, interests, and passions but the idea is that you find things that encompass all of those things. From my personal experience, TaeKwonDo the patterns, lifeskills and culture triggered my Mental, the sparring and training trigtgered my physical, and the people, the achievements triggered my spirit and joy.  This empowerment granted me a lasting confidence and a sense of control over my life that was crucial into my ability to mentor others. 


Power Of Perception 

A common phrase around my household growing up, "perception is reality",  the idea here is that if a person perceives something to be true it is "their" reality.  In order for us to be effective leaders, communicators, and role models we need to adjust our perception and recognize that another person has an entirely different set of experiences that has shaped their reality.  When we pass this skill onto our children you unlock the door to a lifetime of compassion and gratitude.  Perception is difficult to master, and if applied correctly can help us better understand the influence we have on others, and the control we have of our own life.  Throughout history leaders have attempted to influence followers perceptions for better or worse.  I conlclude with this quote from  Winston Churchill that when I read it the first time struck me. The power of perception and how easily someones words can influence it if we allow. 


"I avow my faith that we are marching towards better days. Humanity will not be cast down. We are going on swinging bravely forward along the grand high road and already behind the distant mountains is the promise of the sun."