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3 Things Instructors Wish Parents Knew

Posted: February 26, 2018

3 Things Instructors Wish Parents Knew


Having been a martial arts instructor now for over 10 years I have seen many faces on these mats and behind each of them was a parent who wanted to see them succeed.  I have learned much in regards to what it takes to succesfully impact a student, and throughout my time there has been a few common points where if instructor and parent both knew, success was almost ensured.  Enrolling a child in any type of structured activity such as martial arts is an investment in your child and shows the value you place on your childs future.  


It takes courage to step through our door the first time.  Our program is a commitment, you had to take the first step and visit us, you gave us a chance to show you exactly what we could do for your child.  We were confident we could help, we knew we could be your teammate in shaping your children to be a leader of today thinking for tomorrow.  There are many parents out there who would take a hands off approach to parenting and the truth is if you aren't doing it, someone else is.  Kids will find someone to follow, you had a choice to make and you chose us, we don't take this job lightly.  We are commited to provide your family the best training possible. 


1.  Your Child Wants You to Notice

Very few things are constant when working with children, in fact i'm not sure the world constant should really be in an instructors vernacular.  However there is one trend I have notice.  When a child accomplishes something they didn't think they could do they ALWAYS look to their parent.  These kids want nothing more than to see that satisfied look on your face when they achieve something they perceived as difficult.   Maybe its breaking a harder board, maybe its finally landing that tornado kick, it could even be a shout out from the instructor that they were standing with discipline.  Our schools have a culture of encouragement, and team success that I know does not exist many places in todays world.  When you smile and give that thumbs up, even if the reason seems mundane, your child feels like they can accomplish anything!  


2. We Love It When You Ask Questions

I sometimes have a parent who will apologize and use the phrase " sorry for all the questions" I usally reply "THANK YOU for all the questions".  When parents get involved and try to understand our program better and our goals for the students, I know they are reinforcing our concepts and lessons at home.   Each child is different and a great instructor should have a plan for each student in how to help them improve.  When a parent asks questions and becomes aware of the big picture we begin to see success as a team!  


3. Welcome to The Family

Family martial arts? To the average person the two would seem almost paradoxical.  Anyone who says it can't happen, is welcome to stop by the lobby during my high rank class where you will find a room full of families laughing, and cheering.  I have seen these people smile together and cry together all during the same class.  There is a magic in these friendships something organic that transcends the current norms of social interaction.  As an instructor we can't ask for more, just know that we see it.  We love it.  This compassion inspires us and drives us to be the best we can for your family.