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3 Steps To Help Your Child Achieve In 2018

Posted: February 07, 2018

How to Help Your Child Achieve in 2018 

1. Set Realistic Goals (The Why of Achievement)

Its the start of a new year and everyone feels the energy in the air!  We have a deep desire for change, something about the way we are currently living isn't quite where we want it.  January 1 comes and  we have a list of all the things we KNOW that we will do differently this year.  January 15th rolls in and we have resumed our old habits and are on track for another "last year".   When you set your goals this year (its definitely not too late) determine why you want to accomplish these goals.  If I want to lose weight, is it so I can set a positive example for my children?  If I want to read more, is it so I can implement new strategies in my career?  When you establish the "why" you trigger an emotion.  EMOTION CREATES MOTION!  Understanding the why will help you and your child stay motivated for the long run, and not just for a couple weeks.  Its time for ACTION, tonight sit down and discuss what your child hopes to accomplish this year and most importantly WHY?


2. Leverage Your Strength in a Battle Against Your Weakness (The How)

When making change in your life approach it like a battle.  Every great fighter knows their strengths and most importantly their weaknesses. For example if you are starting a new diet  you can implement strategies that leverage your strength to further success! More on how this applies to parenting in a future post. 

  Practice the art of staging your battleground if its a new diet, (the kitchen).  You know that the convenience of chips, candy, or other processed "quick" foods will be difficult to overcome with your busy schedule, these things can be replaced by fresh vegetables and foods that align with your nutritional goals!   Sit down and have a discussion with your family on everyones strengths and have some honest conversation about your weaknesses.  If you have trouble getting through the opening shots of the battle against old habits reconnect with your family and mentors on yours and their goals!  Accountability can go a long way, and a mentor is often the secret to success in accomplishing your goals! 

3.  Practice The Art Of The Habit (The How Long)

hab·it noun.  a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.  Reinforcing positive habits in your childs daily routine will go a long way in to helping them acomplish the goals they set!  Make a daily routine crafted with the steps you need to accomplish your goals and you will be on achievement auto-pilot!  Start with something small like making your bed. Once you are automatically doing this each day choose a new habit and watch how your day begins and fills with a habit of success!