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3 Things Instructors Wish Parents Knew

Posted: February 26, 2018

3 Things Instructors Wish Parents Knew  

Having been a martial arts instructor now for over 10 years I have seen many faces on these mats and behind each of them was a parent who wanted to see them succeed.  I have learned much in regards to what it takes to succesfully impact a student, and throughout my time there has been a few common points where if instructor and parent both knew, success was almost ensured.  Enrolling a child in any type of structured activity such as martial arts is an investment in your child and shows the value you place on your childs future.  

3 Ways To Empower Your Daughter/Son

Posted: February 12, 2018

Em·pow·er·ment: noun: authority or power given to someone to do something.   

The word itself sounds wonderful, its rich, its inspiring, it makes us WANT TO DO SOMETHING.  With just a simple word we are already beginning to take control of our current state of mind, and launch ourselves into our future success.  Today we are listing 3 ways to empower your child.  I have applied these methods in my mentoring to HUGE success, and I think parents will find the information extremely valuable as well.  The most important part of any of these strategies is to TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY.  The longer we allow our ideas to sit on the vine, the less likely we are to act on them.  You can do it! 

3 Steps To Help Your Child Achieve In 2018

Posted: February 07, 2018

How to Help Your Child Achieve in 2018  1. Set Realistic Goals (The Why of Achievement)

Its the start of a new year and everyone feels the energy in the air!  We have a deep desire for change, something about the way we are currently living isn't quite where we want it.  January 1 comes and  we have a list of all the things we KNOW that we will do differently this year.  January 15th rolls in and we have resumed our old habits and are on track for another "last year".   When you set your goals this year (its definitely not too late) determine why you want to accomplish these goals.  If I want to lose weight, is it so I can set a positive example for my children?  If I want to read more, is it so I can implement new strategies in my career?  When you establish the "why" you trigger an emotion.  EMOTION CREATES MOTION!  Understanding the why will help you and your child stay motivated for the long run, and not just for a couple weeks.  Its time for ACTION, tonight sit down and discuss what your child hopes to accomplish this year and most importantly WHY?